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setting up a home network

Setting Up a Home Network for Beginners [Huge Guide]

Setting up a home network for beginners is not the challenge of the year. In fact, thee steps are quite easy and if you plan …

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how to install unifi on ubuntu

How to Install UniFi on Ubuntu 18.04

Thinking of getting UniFi-products but don’t want to pay extra for a cloud key? No worries, the software can be installed for free. In this …

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What Equipment is Needed for a Home Network?

It’s time to build a new home network but the problem is that you don’t know what equipment is needed to build a home network. …

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what is a nas

What is a NAS & Amazing Things You Can Do with it

What is it that can protect your files, even if your hard drive fails? That can serve up media files like the way Netflix does …

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Do You Need a Firewall to Protect Your Home Network?

When talking about network security, something that pops up quite often is firewalls. It’s very unclear what they are really doing for non-networking people except …

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How to Know Which Router to Buy in 2019: A Complete Guide

Knowing which router to buy is hard. If you are not very technical, all the mumbo-jumbo that the manufacturers write on the boxes is exactly …

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