how to install unifi on ubuntu

How to Install UniFi on Ubuntu 18.04

Thinking of getting UniFi-products but don’t want to pay extra for a cloud key? No worries, the software can be installed for free. In this article, you’ll learn how to install UniFi on Ubuntu 18.04 server version.  I’ll explain the errors that I got so that you can quickly fix them if you get them.

6 Claims About WiFi That May Surprise You

Wireless network – What would we do without it? Since WiFi became a thing at the end of the 90s, it has revolutionized how we live and how we do things. But, as with any technology, it has also created a lot of confusion. How does this and that work and is this really true?

Powerline Adapters Vs WiFi Extenders

When the network is bad, you are looking for new solutions that don’t have to break the bank. What you find is something called WiFi extenders and powerline adapters. What’s the difference and when should they be used you wonder.

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